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          Noo-Hin is a character of Isan’s girl from “Noo-Hin Inter” Mahasanook’s comic book written by “Oar” a famous cartoonist of Banluesarn publishing. Noo-Hin is very popular among Isan people throughout Thailand and around the world. With the overwhelming response from the fans, Noo-Hin was made into a movie as “Noo-Hin The Movie”.  

          Noo-Hin is 17 years old girl from Nonhinhaer village, Trakan Phuet Phon District, Ubon Ratchathani Province. She came to Bangkok to be a house manager for a rich family. That family has four people: Sir, Madame, Som-O and Milk. Noo-Hin is mainly in charges for taking care of Milk. Her clumsiness and sincerity cause of funny story every single day.