Our Services

Pre Production

Our character design and Pre Production Facility creates uniqueness and a way to stand out for our clients in the form of creating a cartoon character for your brand.

Expert experience and creativity in developing and designing a character to represent the customer’s service, organization, company, emblem, symbol, or logo, which can then be developed into a Mascot or into a 2D or 3D animation.

Whether its printed matter or digital media, Vithita Animation is capable of its Pre Production phase. From Story & plot development, Character, prop & location design, sound & music development, to voice casting – in order to prepare it for the next procedure in a way that makes it easy to comprehend in order to save future costs for the client.

2D Animation

Besides 3D animation which Vithita Animation is well known for, Vithita Animation is also an Animation House that provides 2D animation services as well. We have a creative 2D animation team verse in traditional 2D and graphics via Toon Boom program. Ever since 2004 and onwards our 2D animation team has been producing various TV series and has produced over 200 episodes.

3D Animation

Vithita Animation is the producer of the 3D Animated TV Series ‘Pang Pond’ starting in 2001 and has constantly developed its personnel and equipment with the ability to provide the following services.

  • Accepts 3D Animation & CGI (Computer Graphic Imagery) commissions in the form of TV series
  • Spot advertisement via Television
  • Presentation starting from developing a story, characters, art, scenery until master completion
  • Media for usage in cinema or on television stations

Some 3D animation Tools we use include Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop.

Post Production

Vithita Animation’s post production studio comes complete with modern up to date equipment and tools ready for usage for non linear editing studio, sound & voice recording, sound design & sound effect,  services for creating and organizing music, scores & backgrounds, final mix & mastering, and all kinds of output formats including beta format.

Recent Projects We’ve Completed For Our Clients