3 Kingdoms Superfun

3 ก๊ก

         3 Kingdoms Super fun is a famous historical novel about the battles between Wei (魏), Han (蜀), and Wu (吳) at the end of Han dynasty. Moo Ninja, the cartoonist from Kaihuaror weekly comic has brought the novel to tell its story through a comic to make the readers simply understand the whole story. Enhancing the amusement with humorous 2D Animation to create a laughter in the middle of battlefield.

Liu Bei
The leader of Han. He is generous, polite and calm person but he doesn’t express feeling so much.

Cao Cao
The leader of Wei. He is a cleaver, ambitious person and he is an expert in war strategy.

Sun Quan
The leader of Wu. He is good at administrating and have a skill to convince people but he is brutal.

Zhang Fei
An impatient powerful person who always be fierce during a war. He loves drinking alcohol.

Zhuge Liang
A philosopher who has a skill in both military strategist and administration. He is a calm and benignant person.

Guan Yu
A martial arts expert who has a unique red face. He is a loyal grateful person who has a high moral value.

You can watch the story of 3 Kingdoms Super Fun on Vithita Animation YouTube Channel.

3 ก๊ก  – 3 Kingdoms Super Fun