During the summer vacation, Noo-Toon’s parents take hime to stay with his grandmother – Yai Chan. Her place is a garden house which has not many toys so he plays with 3 pillows that Yai Chan made for him. As Yai Chan’s wish, the 3 pillow come alive and bring Noo-Toon into Pillow World.

While his grand mother is cleaning the house, Noo-Toon plays game on his iPad. He acts live he does not care, even deeply inside he wants to help. When iPad is out of battery, he is bored so he take a nap along with pillowmons beside him.

The pillowmons use their magical power to take Noo-Toon to Pillow world. Right away he awakes, he want to play. But the pillowmons are busy doing housework. Noo-Toon wants to play so much so he acts like he is a baby. The pillowmons see that they step back. Meanwhile, they start singing the cleaning song. At that moment, Noo-Toon realizes that he should help them cleaning so he grabs the broom to help. After finished all houseworks which took very short time, the pillowmons and Noo-Toon are having so much fun time together.



A five years old boy who is self-willed and games’ addicted.



The square pillow. Talent – enlarging and flying. It is kind and sensitive. He is the leader of this group.



The round pillow. Talent – nimbleness and invention. It is thoughtful, artistic, shy, and easily get panic.



The triangle pillow. Talent – singing and swimming. It is joyful and smart also loves singing.

You can watch the story of Pillowmon on Vithita Animation YouTube Channel.