Kobutra was a popular classic work form Thai Greatest Poet; Sunthorn Phu. The story about a commoner with mega power. He was a child to the Sun and Apsorn, rather, he was raised by the Great Lion and Kraisorn his mother. One day he just realizes that he’s not a son to the Lion, but the son to the greatest Sun, there the real journey begins. He’s traveling to find his real parents until he’s met them and got a ring as a special armor, and a special herb to revive someone back to life, from his father when he grew up.


A son of the sun. He is smart, brave, adventurous and kind who likes helping other people.


A young lion growing up together with Co-Putra. He always protect Co-Putra because he think that is his brother.

Mani Sakorn

The princess of Varanasi. She is sharp-witted but naughty than other princess. She always anxious about her brother.

Arun Kumara

The prince of Varanasi. He is obedient person who love his sister so much.

You can watch the story of Kobutra on Vithita Animation YouTube Channel.