Ramakian is a Thai literature which derived from Ramayana. The story is about the war between Phra Rama the incarnation of Narayana and Thotsakan who has been trying to ravish his consort Nang Sida, which causes distress throughout the three worlds. Ramakian becomes 2D animation but still maintains its content and increase more fun by adding Kaihuaror’s style of gags. Therefore, Ramakian Animation has gain an overwhelming popularity from the fans.

Phra Rama 

The king of Ayutthaya, the incarnation of Narayana who comes to wipe out the age of calamity.


The son of Phra Phai, a philanderer but faithful who good at the battle. He has a white body and originated from the magic weapon of Phra Isuan.

Phra Lak

The son of Thao Thotsarot and Nang Samutthewi. He has a yellow body who always fight with Thotsakan’s army beside Phra Rama to get Nang Sida back.

Nang Sida

The daughter of Thotsakan and Mandodari, married with Phra Rama. But she was kidnapped by Thotsakan and that is the cause of the war.



His previous existence was a giant name Nonthok but he was cursed by Narayana to be on earth and dominate Lanka city. He is brutal and misbehaved but very strong.


The son of Thotsakan and Mandodari, who can transfigure and has a magic bow as his weapon (Nagabat Arrow, Brahmastra Arrow and VishnuPanum Arrow).


The son of Phra In (Indra) and Nang Kananjana who has a green body. He has an ability to defeated Thotsakan twice.


The son of Phra In (Indra) and Nang Kananjana who has a red body. A half-brother of Phali and great warrior of Phra Rama to fight with Thotsakan.

You can watch the story of Ramakian on Vithita Animation YouTube Channel.