Bakery Elf


          Ai, the unlucky girl had to drop her course and came back to her hometown because her family was bankrupted. So Ai decided to run bakery business on her own. But she know nothing about cooking. Fortunately she found  the recipe of her grandpa but she never knew that recipe will change her life forever…



She is 17 years old girl who is very positive and never give up to any problem.



“The princess of all berries”

She is the only daughter of the king of “Bakery World”. She fell in love with Chocobone since she was young. Sweetbridge is expert in cake decoration.



“Chocolate elf of happiness”

He was born in the night of Halloween. He is very energetic and a little bit sincere. Chocobone is specialist in creating new style of cake but the taste…don’t talk about it!!


Cream Panda

“Closest friend of Chocobone”

He is the genius of all kind of bakery elf. Cream Panda is the one who knows that Sweetbridge fell in love with Chocobone. He is the Bakery Guru.

You can watch the story of Bakery Elf on Vithita Animation YouTube Channel.

Bakery Elf