The story of 3 Voodoo Dolls: Pepper, Basil and Ginger, which created by an evil witch. The three dolls were furious and intended to find the witch, to force her return their original bodies and received the punishment for what she had done. But the more they search, the more they know that the witch has a vicious plan which targeted all the kids in the world. Will Pepper, Basil and Ginger can stop the witch or not?

Pepe a scary boy who has lack of self-confident. When he transformed to Pepper a red Voodoo doll he will has tremendous power and become fearless. He has no ears so he has to communicate with the gestures.


Base a boy who like telling a lie. He cannot talk when he transformed to Basil, a green Voodoo doll. He is smart and can invent something very quickly.


Ginny a peevish and selfish girl. When she transformed to yellow Voodoo doll, Ginger she will has a power to see the future but she cannot see. She communicate by singing like dolphins use sonar.

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